Hiking in Bear Country

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What do I need to know when hiking in bear country?

Hiking in Bear Country

What do I need to know when hiking in bear country? When hiking through bear country there are a few things to keep in mind. Make sure that you travel in a group. Bears are less likely to attack groups of six or more. Carry a can of bear pepper spray in case of an attack. While walking through areas that have wild fruits and berries growing make noise. Talking whistling singing etc. will prevent you from startling a bear that may be feeding there. Most bears will run away if they hear you coming toward them, but if startled the bear may attack.



5/8/2007 8:46:16 AM
Patricia said:

I grew up in the Pacific Northwest and in the springtime we'd tie two teaspoons together and loop it on our belts while hiking. Tie the end of one spoon with a light piece of cord, allow about 6 inches of cord, then tie on the other spoon. Clink, clank, sounds a little like cow bells, but it sure beats surprising a mama bear with her cubs! Later we'd use the spoons to eat, while camping.


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