Women and Jogging, Don't Forget Your Pepper Spray

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Is it more important for women to carry pepper spray when they run?

Women and Jogging, Don't Forget Your Pepper Spray

Is it more important for women to carry pepper spray when they run? If you like to jog on trails through a park, it's like having a sign on your back that says "victim". Hundreds of women are sexually assaulted every year jogging on trails, and dozens murdered. Carry pepper spray



5/5/2007 12:31:06 PM
Roger Bently said:

What I want to know is why is that why is it that women with all thses warnings still like to jog on secluded jogging trails at night and early in the morning. I think it's ridiculous. Don't they know secluded means way out in the middle of nowhere. Don't thy have signs that say Don't jog at night or trail closes after dark. They get attacked and nobody hears them. They should jog in groups instead of alone. You're making the attackers work easy for him. One Loundon County teen-age girl was attacked on a secluded tril way out in th middle of nowhere. I wonder why her parents let her jog way out there. They must have psychos that hang out on these trails waiting for women to pass by. They should have some kind of security out on these trails. Now if you are a lone jogger. And you go out there every evening. You'll probably have somebody on your tail in no time. He'll probably be stalking you for days, weeks, a month or months. And you don't even know it.

6/8/2007 10:34:46 AM
Rob said:

Mace™ Hot Walkers are 1 pound walking weights with Pepper Spray inside. 1 pound weight is ideal for an extra workout during walking. Great for walkers and joggers that may need some pepper spray protection along their route! Pepper spray is secretly hidden in the handle of the weights and the trigger is conveniently placed where you can press it instantly when needed. If you're using walking weights, you may as well have some personal protection with you as well.


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