Pepper Spray Holder Considerations

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Do I need a pepper spray holder?

Pepper Spray Holder Considerations

Do I need a pepper spray holder? If it's clipped onto the outside of a pocket or belt, it may be dislodged accidentally or grabbed by an attacker. At the very least, it may be noticed before you use it, removing the element of surprise which adds to the effectiveness of tear gas. Most pepper spray holder clip models have the clip on the left side of the canister, which leaves the majority of the canister concealed if it's kept in the left pocket with the clip out. If you are comfortable drawing the weapon with your left hand, this is a good configuration.



6/23/2012 5:51:25 AM
PS Holster and Holder said:

I recommend the two tips (1. PS Holster Considerations, 2. PS Holder Considerations) either be merged or at least next to each other. Currently, there is one different tip in between Holster and Holder Considerations. Seems repetative.


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