The Best Places to Keep Pepper Spray

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What´s the best place to keep pepper spray?

The Best Places to Keep Pepper Spray

What's the best place to keep pepper spray? You can keep a small one on a pepper spray key chain, in your purse or briefcase, in your desk, glove compartment on the stand next to the front door.



2/12/2008 8:59:18 PM
Dave Baleria, Trainer said:

Wrong! Pepper spray, a good defensive tool, has to be deployed FAST in order to be effective. No mugger or vicious dog will wait for you to find it in the bottom of your purse. You need it out, in your hand, and carried on your belt or waist. All the time when out and about. We've used ours several times bike riding and walking in rural and suburban neighborhoods. You need more than a little "lipstick" model with a tiny quantity and a stream nozzle, instead you need a 2-oz. with a burst nozzle. Trust me.

ave & Sandy Baleria, Personal Safety & RVing Lifestyle Instructors


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