When it is Right to Use Pepper Spray

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When is it legally right to use pepper spray?

When it is Right to Use Pepper Spray

When is it right to use pepper spray? You should ONLY use pepper spray if you are threatened or your life is in danger. Please note that it is a crime to use pepper spray to commit malicious acts. Always remember that you assume all risk and liability for owning and using pepper spray. Even if you use it correctly, there is no guarantee that it will always be effective at hindering an attack, and there is always the possibility that it may be used against you instead.



9/8/2007 4:26:21 PM
Gerry said:

If the pepper-spary is going to save my life, then that is what matters the most; Most 'civilians' are not allowed to carry Glock pistols with 15 or 17 rounds of ammo (like cops do), so, what is the option? SELF-DEFENSE is what exactly what that is!

3/23/2008 11:12:53 AM
jason said:

i always tell people using pepper spray is just like punching someone. If you feel that you would have the right of punching someone that is attacking you then you would probably have the same right to use pepper spray on them.


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