Using Pepper Spray Legally

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What is the legal way to use pepper spray?

Using Pepper Spray Legally

What is the legal way to use pepper spray? Using pepper spray irresponsibly can incur criminal or civil liability. Spraying an innocent victim in the face can be a crime. Much like a punch in the face, it would be charged as assault or battery in most jurisdictions. The justification for using pepper sprays must either be self-defense from personal injury or an arrest situation, and the force must be reasonable under the circumstances. For example, the law says you can't lawfully spray someone in the face for using obscene language or because you are simply afraid because they look mean.



11/13/2008 10:07:44 PM
joe said:

Can you have a larger can for home protection?

8/18/2009 1:05:51 PM
Catrina said:

what if you're being fallowed, or someone is approuching you, in a threatining way, like as if he were a kid napper, thats why i carry one, since i live in a bad area, and i'm a minor.

6/20/2011 4:58:21 AM
wendy said:

My 15 year old was maced by the Gardas. It was a situation that they didnt have to get involved with. My 15yr old saw that they were too heavy handed with my other son and he jumped on the garda, that was all and they maced him. The police thought that he was older and they were very heavy handed with him. I have been talking to a councillor and she has seen the pictures of the marks from the gardas. Is this a legal thing for the garda to mace a child. I was nearly arrested for screaming at them coz they maced him. I told them that he was only 15 and that they had no right. Even when they took him to garda station, he asked them to help him see were he was going and they would let him walk into a wall. When they realised that he was only 15 they brought him straight back. But he had marks on his back, shoulders and face. Really what I want to know is can a minor be maced. And what action can I take

12/5/2011 4:06:38 AM
trolololol said:

unless you are a police officer facing numerous unarmed students. only then can you spray an innocent victim for using obscene language or because you feel they "look mean"


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