Other Self-defense Chemical Sprays

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Are ther other Self-defense Chemical Sprays?

Other Self-defense Chemical Sprays

Are ther other Self-defense Chemical Sprays? CN, which is an abbreviation for chloroacetophenone was used by the military and police departments in the 60s and 70s but is not used much anymore. These products are not really gases but rather crystals suspend in a liquid placed under pressure to create a vapor. The tear gas products such as the original MACE have proven to be less effective against violent attackers, especially those under the influence of narcotics and alcohol. Additionally, the tear gas products have a fairly long reaction time of three to thirty seconds. CS is short for orthochlorobenzalmalononitrile. It is a micro-pulverized irritant. It irritates the mucous membrane of the nose, throat, eyes, and the skin in high concentrations. It works better than CN but not readily available to the public. Both of these pepper spray ingredients can be toxic and cause serious vomiting, and choking. CN and CS are not all that effective against animals.



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